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With 65+ years of expertise and a commitment to excellence, Viper Technical offer a comprehensive range of electrical services tailored to meet the needs of our industrial, domestic and commercial clients.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your home's lighting, enhance your commercial property's security or simply want peace of mind with a compliance inspection, our team of electricians in Wolverhampton has you covered.


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Our Electrical Services in Wolverhampton include


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Looking to revitalise an older building or optimising your existing electrical system? Our skilled professionals are equipped with the latest tools, industry knowledge and accreditations to ensure that every rewriting project is executed with precision and excellence.


a broken pipe leaking water in a bathroom cupboard


Emergency Callouts 

Available 24/7, our emergency callout service ensures prompt assistance during electrical crises. Whether you're faced with a power outage, faulty wiring or something else, our electricians in Wolverhampton respond swiftly to diagnose and restore issues and restore normalcy to your property.


a person testing the electricals of a fuse board



Maintaining compliance with electrical regulations is crucial for the safety and integrity of your property. Viper Technical offer a comprehensive suite of compliance, reporting and testing services to help you meet the regulatory standards and safeguard your property.


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Fuse Board Upgrades 

Upgrade your fuse board to modern standards with our professional installation services. We assess your electrical needs, recommend suitable options, and install high-quality fuse boards equipped with advanced safety features to protect against electrical faults and ensure reliable power distribution.


a person wearing white wool cloves installing a light fixture into a ceiling



We will take care of all aspects of roof lining, helping with water management and preventing leaks and water incursions.


a fire alarm on top of floor plans


Fire Alarms 

A responsive property is a safeguarded property. Our technicians in Wolverhampton design and install reliable fire detection systems tailored to your property's layout and safety requirements, ensuring early detection and swift evacuation in case of fire emergencies.


an emergency lighting sign illuminating a hallway


Emergency Lighting 

If your roof system is leaking, we can complete a full roof inspection to help detect water ingress and assess the requirements to rectify it.


a person using their fingerprint to access and access system with a keypad


Access Control 

Control and monitor access to your property with our access control systems. From basic keypad entry systems to advanced biometric access solutions, we provide installation, integration, and maintenance services to enhance security and restrict unauthorized access.


a person installing a CCTV camera in a ceiling



Transform your security measures with our comprehensive CCTV installation and monitoring solutions. Each system we design and install is custom-made to your property's layout and specific needs, allowing for remote monitoring and recording for enhanced safety and peace of mind.


a man in a blue uniform installing a security camera on house


Security Alarms 

Safeguard your property against intruders and unauthorized access with our security alarm systems. We install and maintain state-of-the-art security alarm systems equipped with motion sensors, door or window contacts, and other detection devices to deter burglaries and alert authorities in case of security breaches.





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